Mold Testing Services

Schedule a mold inspection or around Ballston Spa, NY

Bio Armor offers mold testing in and around Ballston Spa, New York. We start with a simple visual test to spot obvious signs of mold. Then, we’ll do a mold lift test and send it to a lab for testing. We’ll give you several recommendations for mold remediators in the area. We’re up to date on all the guidelines established by New York mold laws.

5 facts about mold

5 facts about mold

Mold testing is the first step to ensuring that your home is mold-free in the Ballston Spa, NY area. Here are five facts about mold that every homeowner should know:

  1. Mold can irritate your existing allergies
  2. It thrives in cold, damp environments
  3. It’s commonly caused by roof leaks and water damage
  4. It can cause wheezing and affect people with asthma
  5. Controlling the moisture in your home is the best way to prevent it

A licensed mold assessor can inspect every area of your home for signs of mold. If mold is found on your property, Bio Armor will recommend a qualified remediator for mold removal. Call us today to make an appointment for a mold inspection.